Disha Deshpande

Arambol Goa

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Om Swastiastu!

Music journalist turned Yoga teacher.

Yes. I left a super fun and challenging job that involved late nights, live music and meeting famous people for early mornings, early bed time and a healthy lifestyle. And I couldn't be happier.

Currently, I am the resident teacher at The Leela Hotels and Palaces in Mumbai, India. I take on private clients as well as conduct workshops that help you discover YOU. Trained in the Ashtanga way, my preferred style of teaching is restorative yet challenging.

My brainchild Yog-Art is a fusion of two powerful healing practices, Yoga and Art. The two together help to establish a dialogue with the inner self. It stems from my personal philosophy that all artists are change makers and that there is an artist in everyone. Having dabbled with the combination, and benefitted from its ability to cleanse and nourish the mind, Yog-Art is my service to that philosophy and the entire create commune.


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