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My name is Djani and teach in the Satyanada style.

The yoga that I learned comes from the Satyananda tradition. .Satyananda modernized yoga in India and here in the West so that it could be better adapted to our needs today. At the age of twenty, he met Swamiji Sivananda for inclusion in his ashram in Rishikesh and become his apprentice.
Satyanandayogan based on the Old Tantric tradition with regeneration to adapt to today. Yoga in itself is something you do not to read to do. There is a saying in tantra yoga which says that continue to live as you do in life but add one thing only-Yoga.
Tantra is also non-dualistic, one sees this quest different. Tantra is said that both soul and nature (Shiva and Shakti) is a real phenomenon, but not separate. In Tantra, the question is not inferior to the divine, but one aspect of it. Man seeking not freedom from the body, one seeking freedom in the body.
Satyananda Yoga attaches great importance to developing the presence and accepting yourself as you are right now - body, thoughts and feelings. To accept oneself as one is, is an important Tantric principle, a prerequisite for the ability to change. Change, insofar as it is needed, then occurs as a natural consequence of a regular practice of yoga and meditation.


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