Dolli Melaine

nevada city, CA
United States

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My passion is working with the voice/body instrument. Focus is on the breath and using your power correctly to flow up through the center to give the freedom to open, explore and

I am a traveler of the world and spend alot of time in Europe teaching and being quiet as a new vision always shows me the next step on my teaching path***

Originally I come from a dance story as my mother had a dance studio for close to 50 years. Through the challenges of my own life in regards to being lost and needing to find. Choosing a yoga path and teaching from this perspective has been an amazing reality.

I have created a technique to open & tune-up the voice body instrument. It is like "Yoga for the Voice" I am the author of two books:

"Voice Opening; Find Your Real Voice" and "How to take a Healthy Breath"

As a yoga teacher I teach the basics. A fusion of Hatha yoga and imagination. Always working from the center point and breathing through each posture. I come from a challenged dis-eased body reality so my classes start out gentle and being present at all times with the breath as the inner eye and the exhale are the river that opens and awakens the flow. Balancing this inner awareness with standing postures for strength, balance, focus & flexibility.

I teach private yoga/life coach healing sessions. These sessions are always bringing one back to the center through the breath. The intention is clear and open as I listen and work with yoga postures and the breath to unlock the flow. The breath is not attached to our "stuff". When you work with the breath inside a posture and as a healing tool, the new beginnings naturally happen.

I also teach group classes where all postures are working with the breath and coming from the center. I am hands on and helping each person to awaken the memory of the center and allowing the river to flow inside~


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