Domagoj Orlic


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Domagoj is a long-term scholar, practitioner and teacher of yoga and tantra. He is a student of Mark Whitwell and translator of his book Yoga of Heart: The Healing Power of Intimate Connection (Yoga srca: Iscjeljujuca snaga prisnosti, 2004). Domagoj also authored 4 books on yoga in his native Croatian language. Domagoj holds a BA degree in Philosophy and teaches yoga both privately and publicly in his home town. He is also available for teaching in Central Europe.

Domagoj practices and teaches Yoga of Heart as the very heart of yoga, that is he understands yoga as a way of enjoying Life and the deepening of intimacy with oneself, other human being and the Whole of Existence that we utterly are as sensitive, compassionate and spiritual beings with a Heart. Heart is the point of absolute union between man and the world, it is a total interconnectedness of all polarities (ha-tha yoga), and so shri-hrdaya-yoga-tantra is an approach to yoga in which a concerned individual, by surrendering to her own power of receptivity (shri), gets to know her Heart (hrdaya) through practicing the most appropriate yoga for herself, naturally and non-obsessively, as a daily discipline of pleasure (tantra) and a wholehearted participation in the Cosmic Unity that we totally are as an absolute freedom of responsible emotivity and love.


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