Dominique Cardito


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Dominique is a freelance contemporary dancer. She started dancing when she was nine and later turned this passion into her profession. Through many years of dance training she gathered a lot of understanding of the human anatomy and on the flow and use of energy in the body.

In her dance practice, Dominique often came in touch with physical elements of yoga. It wasn‘t until she took a Jivamukti Yoga class in though, that she fell in love with yoga. She’s very fond of the harmonious and dynamic asana practice of the Jivamukti Yoga method, in which grounding, the conscious use of breath and a constant energetic alignment are emphasized.

On a non-physical level, yoga became a companion on an endless spiritual journey, giving guidance for her daily life, helping her finding a strong connection with her inner-self and being in the moment.

Dominique loves being in nature, sunny days, travelling through the world, black chocolate and spending time with friends. She values collaboration and communication and likes to fully involve herself in anything she does in life.

Dominique completed her Jivamukti Yoga teacher training in 2013 with David Life, Sharon Gannon, Yogeswari and Patric Broome. In her teachings, she tries to transmit the physical as well as the spiritual treasures of yoga to her students.


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