Don Jackson

Palmetto, FL
United States

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I'm an inspirational yoga teacher who is influenced by the meditative, spiritual, and physical aspects of Yoga. I received my certification deep in the Caribbean jungle of Costa Rica where he studied under a teacher of Akandha affiliate and was provided with a well-rounded and holistic approach to traditional Hatha Yoga. I was originally brought to yoga during my college years as an alternate therapy for coping with anxiety, panic, and depression. Through the practice and teaching of the yogic philosophy, I have been able to find balance even through the most uncomfortable of situations by maintaining mindful and bringing the yogic philosophy to the forefront.

I believe the most important part of yoga is the parts of the class that you can take home with you off of the mat, and apply to your everday life. As a yoga teacher and student of life, I strive to help my students help peace, harmony, and mindfulness in this fast paced world. As well as supporting others to develop their own practice.

Remember you are not your thoughts, you are so much more!


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