Donna Bair

Reisterstown, MD
United States

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Donna Bair has a Masters degree in Health & Wellness and over twenty years of experience in the health, fitness and wellness fields. She holds various certifications; including yoga, personal training, pilates, group and water fitness. Having explored all aspects of managing and owning her own fitness facility, yoga studio, as well as managing a hospital based wellness program, Donna seeks to educate and guide others to listen to their body. She feels that living in a culture that often values the destination more than the journey and where we constantly compare ourselves to others, yoga practice is a way of getting to know yourself and your body - the ways it is functional and the ways that it is limited. It is her heartfelt intention to encourage self-acceptance and to increase body and mind awareness. Donna realizes and emphasizes the importance of correct alignment and practicing within your abilities to stay in touch with your own best self. Donna invites students to explore and experiment with their strong and weak links, their minds and bodies, with an attempt to find some balance and contentment within themselves and their world, through the context of yoga.


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