Donna Everhart, ERYT500

Goode, VA
United States

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Donna loves yoga. Donna has been enjoying the benefits of yoga practice and the joy of teaching for over 12 years. She is an experienced, nationally certified yoga teacher who has studied many different styles of yoga and draws on them as inspiration. She is a geek about human anatomy and physiology, yoga therapy and holistic health & nutrition, but still manages to get her right and left sides mixed up on a regular basis. She has a clear and gentle teaching style informed by her nurturing spirit and the spontaneous outpouring of her heart. She weaves humor into as many serious moments as possible and enjoys making folks feel good. Her classes promote balance and well-being, awareness and mindfulness, connection and discovery. Kindness & simplicity inspire her life, her yoga and her vegan lifestyle. Donna has also been in service to her community as a social worker, advocate, mentor and college adjunct faculty. She has joyfully owned/operated Cifax Yoga Studio since 2005. Her loves and greatest inspirations include her family, daily meditation & yoga, gardening, nature, all animals and most especially, her dog, Corby.


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