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United Kingdom

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My name is Donna and I have been running my Holistic Therapy business Holistic Bodymind for five years.

Yoga transforms lives.
One way yoga encourages transformation is by helping you to shift patterns you’ve developed over time, patterns that may be unhealthy and destructive. Yoga also teaches you how to make better decisions. Everything about practicing yoga involves intention—you set apart time in your day to do it, you move in a specific manner, breathe in a specific way. And when you are mindful and deliberate in your yoga practice, you create the opportunity to become more mindful and deliberate in your life.

It’s about finding the true essence of our being, beneath all the veils and layers that hide who we truly are. To seek from the unreal to the real. To break away from self limiting beliefs to explore our true calling in life.

I found my deepest healing, strength, forgiveness, confidence, courage, presence and place in this world through yoga teacher training, the intensive chakra system, yoga philosophy and psychology. It transformed me from an unhappy, ill, lost, overweight, addicted, traumatized person and gave me freedom, freedom to let go of my pains, guilt, shame, sorrow, loss and the empty person that I was. I was living with so much regret, anger, resentment towards myself and others.

Words can not express the transformation it has brought me and i’m still continuing the process. I can confidently say that I now live everyday with an open heart, with gratitude, love, confidence, connection to myself and the divine with meaning and purpose. I am truly and deeply happy for the first time in my life and I share this message to the world, hoping to inspire and awaken you on this journey through yoga with me.


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