Donna Spear

Monson, MA
United States
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An expert of body movement through years of my massage practice and yoga studies. I am a healer connecting to a person's mind, body and soul for the ultimate healing experience. My passion, energy work (Reiki) in combination with Yin Yoga private sessions are a favorite of my clientele, listening to the needs and story of a person helps to co-create a healing experience where one can own their healing journey through compassion and self-love. Donna recently opened ANANDO Yoga & Meditation in Monson, MA creating a safe space for students to explore asana(movement), mediation through her deep understanding of body movement, emotional holding an spiritual practice. ANANDO's mantra is BLISS, LOVE, JOY which is the hope that all who enter the studio experience.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

8 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Pure Bliss!

I titled this Pure Bliss because this is how you feel when leaving a session with Donna. If you pick Reiki, Yin Yoga, Meditation, I am..., etc you will leaving feeling like you're floating on a cloud, PURE BLISS!!!! I have been blessed long enough and have referred enough people to Donna to know her intuitive skills are unlike many others. Donna provides a safe, serene environment for reflection and growth. She has a calming nature which provides comfort and the ability to let go!


Her intuition drives her and its obvious in her passion and skill. I would recommend Donna for any of her services. You will leave feeling at peace. The colors will be brighter, people around you calmer and the environment softer. You will be able to pull yourself back there in times of stress. Much Love !!!

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MAGICAL - Cleanse & Recharge

If you have not yet experienced the Yin/Reiki Session with not wait!
Truly this is an hour of your time that could not be better spent. The combination of guided Yin Poses paired with Donna's incredibly powerful Reiki work can't be adequately described in words.

It is stillness for the ever-moving
It is energetic cleansing for the frantic
It is physical release & relaxation for the tightly-wound
It is an opening of the mind & soul
Total relaxation. Absolute letting-go

You go
And leave brand new!

I feel so balanced, focused and completely connected after a session.

Thank you Donna - I appreciate you so very much!

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Grateful and Honored to receive healing from Donna

I thank the Universe each day for allowing me to meet Donna. She is such a gifted healer, yogi, and mentor to so many people. Her down to earth personality allows you to feel relaxed instantly...and whether it is body or spirit that needs some work, Donna is surely the Earth Angel to assist. She is a one of a kind gentle Soul that is gifted in so many ways. Lucky to anyone blessed to meet or work with her. She possesses the true qualities of Anando: bliss, joy and love.

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...she is simply grace.

My experience with Donna has been one of simply grace... I feel completely blessed and honored each moment that I enter Anando, a beautiful and sacred space of calm and stillness... My soul sighs and my body is invited to release all that is no longer honoring me, without judgement, just noticing... At the completion of each practice with Donna my body, my mind, my soul feels such a deep sense of gratitude, the experience is gentle, compassionate and loving, such a blessing...
Donna is simply grace.

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A Beautiful and Powerful Presence...Masterful.

Donna is an extraordinary teacher and healer. I have known her for a number of years and appreciate her generosity of heart and spirit. Last night I had the opportunity to attend a Restorative Yoga class at her studio and I experienced deep peace, rest and release of stress and tension. It's amazing how the position of the body and simply staying still can rejuvenate the soul! Donna was attentive to each one of us, guiding us and helping us make adjustments to our positions to achieve optimum health. I will be back!

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It might be hard to explain with words, but I will try. Destiny brought me to her, to her wisdom, and to her soul. She has been my mentor, and she will always be. She taught me to look inside my heart, to see the dark and the light in it, she then told me to look ahead, to see others, to feel the beautiful energy they have. She said to close my eyes and feel the invisible yarn that intertwines two humans, this connection will last for years, decades, and centuries..
Just one single chance to feel her.. and I can assure you that you will be back.
The little European girl

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I had never done yoga before but am loving my weekly sessions with Donna. I have arthritis and she is very mindful of positions that might be hurtful. By the end of our hour long session I whole body is tingling.

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Reiki & Yin Yoga Master!!

Every time I leave I feel rejuvenated and light as air. Donna is amazing… I wish she hadn't moved so far away!! Monthly sessions will have to do!