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WELCOME to Emergencyoga and this tribe of perfectly imperfect humans. Here we are yogis who are fiercely inclusive, drawing deep inspiration from each other and the natural world around us, creating abundant and sustainable health for all people and the planet.

At Emergencyoga you come as you are, you do you, and together we create a beautiful and safe space where we leave perfection at the door and embrace ourselves and each other in whichever moment we are in.

We do our yoga on the mat and then we take it out into the world so that our health and wellbeing vibrates beyond the studio and positively impacts the lives of those around us and the planet we live upon.

Tired of fitting into someone else’s version of you? Wondering if you’ll ever be perfect enough for stretchy yoga clothes? Questioning why you don’t even have time for yoga let alone the rest of your life?

At Emergencyoga time slows down, space magically appears, breathing becomes your road to healing and sanity and before you know it you’re feeling totally reconnected to your body, mind and spirit. You feel like the most real version of yourself surrounded by a deep sense of acceptance and belonging.

I’m Donna, founder of Emergencyoga and I’m so glad we’ve found each other!

From Palestine to rural Nepal, from Sudan to Pakistan, from the Maldives to Sri Lanka and Switzerland I practice yoga wherever I go and share that practice with whoever is ready and willing to join me. And this practice has continued to make me feel awesome, amazing, alive, peaceful and connected to both the people around me and the planet I walk upon.

I’m driven to create more peace in the hearts of all I cross paths with but especially those I share my practice with, in the hope that this group of individuals will eventually create a more collective and global peace within and for the world.

Deeply influenced by the wonder and awe of mother nature and planet earth and my teachers Eoin Finn and Bryan Kest, I've created emergencyoga as a yoga experience that supports you to develop your own prana and life force in your very own unique way.

Inspired by the world around me and a huge sense of joy and fun, my emergencyoga classes, retreats and workshops are aligned with the flow of mother nature, respect for the planet and our uniqueness and will leave you feeling in love with life, yourself and the world around you.


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