Dora Chan

Waterloo, ON

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I began my journey in Yoga in 2006. Through my practice, I have come to appreciate a number of different styles of Yoga, ranging from gentle, restorative to intensive, power Yoga. No matter which style of Yoga I practice, I’ve always come away with the overall sense of well-being after a class. What started off as a form of exercise for me has turned into so much more.

I received my 200-hour Yoga teacher training certification with Ageless Arts Yoga and I am also certified in Lakshmi Volker Chair Yoga and Chair Yoga therapeutics. In the course of my training, I learnt to appreciate the many different styles of Yoga. I truly believe that Yoga can be practiced and enjoyed by everyone. My classes range from gentle and relaxing to strong and energizing. I strive to make Yoga accessible to everyone, regardless of age, level of fitness, or physical abilities. Can’t get down to the floor? We could do the whole Yoga class sitting on a chair! There is no excuse. =)

Through Yoga, I have developed strength, flexibility, and an inner calm which I had never known to exist within me. Yoga has brought wellness to my body, mind, and soul. I am grateful that Yoga has found its way into my life and I am so excited to share my passion of Yoga to the world!


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