Dorion Davis

Sri Lanka

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Dorion’s yoga journey began in Toronto, Canada when she unrolled her yoga mat in the Mysore program of the well loved and knowledgeable Ashtanga yoga teacher Ron Reid. Under his inspired teaching style and gifted eye, for three years she immersed herself in the study and exploration of the Ashtanga yoga method. When her foundation of the practice was well established, she packed her bags for India to meet and study with the founder of Ashtanga yoga Shri K Pattabhi Jois. When she landed in the charming Indian city of Gokulum, she knew with certainty she had found a community and an adventure worth exploring.
As is the case with most India teacher/student relationships, lengthy study sessions are usually required before being given permission to teach. Over the course of four years, Dorion spent two years practicing in India with both Shri K Pattabhi Jois and R Sharath Jois. These years of practice and study created some of the greatest, most challenging and rewarding gifts of her life.

Dorion is a KPJAYI Authorized Ashtanga yoga teacher and has completed multiple long term study sessions with highly established teachers of Ashtanga yoga and various other important yoga lineages. While trained and experienced in a number of styles of yoga, Dorion’s teaching is rooted in the Ashtanga yoga method. As a teacher she is known for sharing her knowledge in a compassionate and playful manner, always striving to meet each practitioner with strength and grace.

Since 2005, Dorion has carried an international teaching schedule which has seen her create and develop existing Mysore programs, direct the Ashtanga yoga programs at various yoga studio’s and lead in depth workshops and yoga retreats internationally.

With a passion for travel, yoga and nature firmly in place, Dorion is currently focussed on creating various pop up Ashtanga Mysore yoga programs in beautiful and serene tropical locations. Her vision is to create opportunities for practitioners of yoga to combine their wanderlust for travel while being in the company of a mindful community.


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