Dr. Amanda Bowen

United Kingdom

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Hi there, I am a yoga teacher with a PhD in Metaphysical Science, a certified holistic life coach and spiritual counsellor, an organiser of wellness retreats and creator of Lovable Yoga Clothing

Being diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome then post traumatic stress disorder, depression and anxiety fifteen years ago left me unable to function.

I led myself down the holistic route to get my health and, ultimately, my life back, and along the way stepped into my role as a teacher and wellness guide centred around yin yoga.

I discovered I have a skill in teaching and happiness in sharing my practice with others.

This powerful yet very human journey has so far involved nearly six hundred hours of Yoga Alliance teacher training, including an advanced yin yoga teacher training course.

My intensive studies have included hatha, ashtanga, vinyasa, yin, yin yang and aerial yoga. Of these, yin yoga was the completing piece of the jigsaw for me.

Yin is where my healing finds its natural flow. While I was being treated for depression many years ago, I developed a fascination with how the human brain works and the connection between the mind and body.

What my consultant shared with me was incredible, and I needed to know more.

This drive to understand more led me into gaining my PhD in Metaphysical Science.

The fact that I had gone from being unable to function, to completing a PhD, was beyond any belief I had about myself.

I never imagined I would be able to use my brain, and heal my body and mind, to the extent that I have.

The intensity and depth of my yoga training and academic studying and the way in which they come together in my sessions has created my unique style of teaching yin yoga.

Postures, nurture and calm are combined with the brain science behind the practice and meticulous preparation, bringing wisdom and learning from many different sources into each session.
Counselling on stress management and how to mitigate against the devastating long-term effects it can have is woven into my teaching.

I bring healing stillness into people’s lives in order for them to better manage their challenges and find – and enjoy – the balance that is so often missing.

My inspirational and educational yoga classes, workshops and worldwide transformational retreats are for everyone.

Amanda xxx


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