Dr Babita Singh

Ujjain Madhya Pradesh

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Founder Director of Kaivalyam: The Yoga Academy
Conducting Yoga Teacher's training course and Yoga therapy at Kaivalyam.
Coordinator of all Academic Programs of UYLS, whether they are day-to-day activities, camps or any international event with an unending thirst for learning and therefore has completed Yoga Teacher’s Training several times at various levels. A passionate academician by profession, I practically lives the life of a yogi. By inculcating deep understanding of Yoga Philosophy and vast knowledge of Human Anatomy and Physiology along with good communication skills trying to make myself an excellent Yoga Master so that I can serve the society better. Currently I am -
- A Yoga Teacher and Master Trainer at Ujjain Yoga Life Society International (UYLS)
- Coordinator, Research and Academic programs at UYLS
- Coordinator, Technical Sessions and Workshops of the International Yoga Seminars organised by UYLS every year
- Coordinator, Summer Kids' Yoga Camps at UYLS


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