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Dr Chintamani Gautam is a prestigious professional practitioner and scholar of Yoga science for over 18 years. He has spent time learning from Yogis and Saints in India about Yoga and its traditions and philosophy. This inspired him to study Yoga academically with strong dedication, culminating his efforts and knowledge into two master’s degrees (one in Yoga Science, the other, Sanskrit Philosophy) and, a PhD in Yoga Science. During his research, he conducted various Yoga workshops, and trainings for therapy and, Sadhana (practice), in various parts of Nepal and India. He has presented dissertations and, theses on Yoga science, for numerous seminars, on topics such as “The technique of practice described in Ashtanga Yoga”, and “Yogic Elements: Comparison between two Upanishads”.

Dr Chintamani’s yogic qualities and experience:

*His teaching has been described as thorough, highly knowledgeable, scientific, research-orientated, and traditional while remaining open-minded.

*His practice and interaction with his students has been qualified as polite, attentive, honest, individually tailored, practical, and effective.

*He teaches with dynamism, tolerance, patience, and conveys confidence, flexibility, and light heartedness to his students.

*He embraces all cultures, backgrounds and religions and believes in two-way learning, opening the door for feedback from his students and clients to better the experiences he provides.

Chintamani can offer the seasoned yogi or the absolute beginner an insightful yoga experience which will enlighten and challenge.

Dr Chintamani believes that to understand the original essence of Yoga, one has to understand Sanskrit. This led him to be highly qualified in Sanskrit, and acquire an extensive understanding of the fundamentals of Yoga, which he further shares with his clients allowing them to fully reap the benefits of their practice.

He is very friendly with his clients in a group or in an individual setting. He conducts classes with dynamism and humor. He encourages students to practice yoga and meditation properly taking their experience further thanks to his knowledgeable guidance. His classes focus on concentration, discipline, refreshment, stress management and relaxation. Because initially, he studied science and has a deep knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, his classes are according to the needs and physical efficiency of an individual who is willing to learn or consult with him.

Dr Chintamani is the program director of Nepal Yoga Retreat and Nepal Yoga Academy both offering complete residential yogic immersion in Kathmandu, Bahktapur, and Pokhara certified by Yoga Alliance.


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