Dr Hemant Khedekar

Pune Maharashtra

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My Father Mr Dasharath Khedekar use to practice one ancient old technique to cure and manage for Body Pain, Joint Pain and many health problems with simply using his fingers on certain point of human body like Acupressure. From 1974, I started helping him in this work, and latter I discovered that this therapy is called, "Murma Chikittsa". With this technique, he was a great YOGA MASTER and I use get amazed to see that he use cure people without medicine. In 1974 - 1976 I started practicing Yoga and this "Murma Chikittsa" and I never looked back. The results were fantastic and shocking to the eyes. My father is around 91+ years old and still doing well, health wise. I myself also 60+ years old and last 29 years not used/gulped single pill or medicine for my any health problem. I don't have any health threats like Diabetic, etc. Last many years we are conducting yoga classes in many Housing Societies, Health Clubs, Colleges and many- many corporate sectors, in Mumbai, Pune and Nasik. We conduct training and coaching workshops and seminars to help people. Our 1st center was in Mumbai and now we have a big Yoga Ashram/Resort called "Gurukul Yoga Ashram & Naturopathy -GYAN Centers" at Ashram Road, Mazgaon, P-Jogwadi, Bhor Pune-412206" The place is situated on the bank of back water of "BHATGHAR_DAM" and now it is very well known to the people of Mumbai and Pune. Here in our Ashram we have well equipped rooms and very big Yoga Hall, Treatment Hall for all Alternative Medicine and Traditional Wellness techniques for holistic healing. The unpolluted and remote place provide well circumstances and environment for Yoga, Meditation and peaceful practice of Alternative Therapies. The Ozone layer in atmosphere is bonus to practice. The quite and inhabited place is a plus point for spirituality practice. Many scientist and thinkers prefer our GYAN-Centers for their thinking process and practice. The organic and unpolluted food supplements from surrounding farms is and additional benefit. There are all kinds of seasons, and so many variety of Herbs are in ample in nature. The kind, trained staff and Ayurvedic Practitioners are available. We have thousands of "Testimonials and Patients" to give feedback to our newcomers.
The place is well known for many celebrities from Bollywood and other filmy sectors, where they use our site for shooting and camping for a while. The nature has free hand on the most natural amenities and varieties for nature lovers and "Nature-Cure Lovers". The once experience helps a visitor to get attached with our "Ashram Activities" and call us to free demonstrations for their friends and societies.

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