Dr. Madan Bali Phd

Montreal, QC

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Offering Therapeutic Massage, Yoga Teacher Training and Drop-In Yoga Classes

Yoga is a holistic approach that deals with all aspects of human personality and can help integrate them for optimal physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. My vision is to spread the joy, peace and bliss of the benefits of yoga to the mainstream population. Through my research institute I am actively engaged in compiling new developments and information about the practice of yoga, which includes medical and clinical research.

My goal is to create awareness that the intelligence of the body has infinite organizing power and we can consciously mobilize this inner capacity and increase its ability to renew and regenerate. Following this holistic approach through regular practice you can reverse the aging process, energize and consciously stimulate optimal levels of wellness. Our bodies are equipped with an exquisite feedback system we can be made aware of and learn how to manage so we can generate all our essential needs and achieve fulfillment. The Bali Method focuses on showing us how to tap into this inner pharmacy and use our body’s innate intelligence for healing and wellness.


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