Dr Sachin Deshmukh

Cupertino, CA
United States

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Sachin Deshmukh has been trained as a physician in India
and holds several degrees and diplomas in holistic medicine,
homeopathy, ayurveda, and yoga therapy.
He is not a licensed physician in the USA.
He practiced medicine for 10 years in India, where he headed
the Department of Natural Therapy and Yogic Sciences at a
general and cancer hospital in Pune.
Sachin was born into a family of yoga masters, trained under
several monks, and been exposed to diverse vedic traditions
and philosophies. Sachin’s approach to holistic medicine
combines ayurveda and homeopathy with the classical limbs
of yoga, encompassing asana, pranayama, bandha, mudra,
kriya, chanting and nada-yoga, along with Transcendental
Meditation® and other mental practices. His approach is
tailored to the specific needs of his students and clients.

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