Dr vijoleta Braach-maksvytis

Sydney NSW
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Vijoleta is an internationally accredited Senior Registered Yoga Teacher (Yoga Australia), Yoga Therapist, and was E-RYT500 and CPD Provider. PhD in Biophysics, research scientist career, and Clinical Neuropsychotherapist. and is passionate about the connection between spirituality, breath, anatomy, and yogic philosophy. She spans both the corporate and yogic worlds, and incorporates the Balinese spiritual approach to every day life. Humour and playfulness are the key to opening an awareness to ourselves, and letting go the 'I' to find the stillness within.
Founder of Senses & Stillness Yoga School in Sydney and Bali, profits from the Bali retreats, Sydney classes and 200hr teacher Training programs go directly to disadvantaged Balinese families.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

8 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Inspiring, joyful, brilliant.

Vijoleta is one of those people you only meet once in a lifetime. Make no mistake, she is a unique yoga instructor. For starters, she knows her stuff with a deep knowledge of science and the anatomy, and with gentle adjustments just when you need it, makes you feel that you are in safe hands. Violeta even has a bit of a sixth-sense when it comes to tuning in to all who turn up to class, and seems to always know just what the yogi ordered.


Her warm energy always picks you up and you can't help but feel her playful presence which makes you want to practice yoga even when you’re feeling so hot. And no class is ever the same which makes for a truly enjoyable practice every time.

I’m no expert but I can’t believe what I can do with my body, all because of Vijoleta’s encouragement and expert guidance. Vijoleta is so much more than a yoga instructor, she is also a wise guide, always interested in what is happening in our lives as much as she is in what we do in class. Inspiring, joyful, brilliant. Could not recommend her more.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Review for Vijoleta

Vijoleta is an excellent teacher. She exudes passion and commitment to yoga and a spiritual way of life.
As a retired school teacher, I can attest to her outstanding teaching techniques that cater for a wide range of abilities. All students, including new comers are welcomed warmly.
Vijoleta's lessons reflect her deep knowledge of yoga and the science of yoga. I look forward to her lessons every week. I have had several yoga teachers before Vijoleta and her teaching has been by far the best for me both physically and spiritually.

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The true meaning of Yoga

Vijoleta's classes reflect the true meaning of yoga; union. Her classes are a balanced blend of the physical, mental and spiritual, and are delivered with passion, professionalism and a focus on student safety. Suitable for both beginners and advanced students, Vijoleta's classes reflect her own ongoing in-depth study of yoga and her deep understanding of the benefits and well-being that yoga can provide.

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A great teacher

Vijoleta is a wonderful yoga teacher and I would not hesitate to recommend her yoga class and yoga retreats - both are a great experience!

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Great Yoga Teacher

Vijoleta's gentle enthusiastic manner encourages all class members to explore and expand their yoga practise at their own level and experience a fun class.

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My reflections about Vijoleta

I have been a student of Vijoleta's for approximately 3 years. I have been studying yoga for over 7 years. I have had various teachers over this time and have found Vijoleta to be the best. I love her classes. Safety is her number one priority. She also allows a student to learn at their own pace, respecting the uniqueness of everyone's bodys.


Having a science background, there is nothing that she doesn't know about the body so can give you alternative poses if you have restrictions or injuries that hinder your ability to do an asana. She is also a deeply spiritual woman and manages a beautiful balance of spirituality and body focus. Her instructions are fantastic and she gives you a lot of information about the benefits of each asana. She brings warmth, humour and expertise to each class. New students are made to feel very welcome and included. She is quite simply the best.

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Senses & Stillness

Yoga with Vijoleta is encouraging, challenging and good fun. We practice in an atmosphere of warmth and connection. Vijoleta is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced teacher and brings out the best in her diverse students. It seems to me that her exceptional skill as a yoga teacher flows, in part, from her own deeply committed yoga practice..

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Vijoleta's classes are well paced and she explains everything very clearly. She creates a warm and friendly atmosphere in the room and you really feel you are with someone very experienced and passionate about yoga. Every class is different. She tunes into mood well and is aware of her students' needs and capabilities.