Drew Corrigan

Cairns QLD

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G’day! I want to help you live better in body, mind and spirit. The tools I use to help you do this are skilfully directed private and group yoga instruction, and mindful, compassionate, deep tissue bodywork.

I have worked in the field of massage and bodywork since 1996 and yoga instruction since 2007. Forever a student I love to nerd out immersing myself in the latest research on fascia, biomechanics, physiology, and nutrition. An Experienced Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher, I am also a Certified Yoga Tune Up® Instructor and Certified Core Strength Vinyasa Teacher. I am currently studying to attain a Certificate III in Fitness with the YMCA. I teach yoga publicly and privately and offer a mobile bodywork/massage service. I also run regular Yoga Tune Up® workshops (about once a month) where you can learn to embody your anatomy and experience poses that will help you discover your body blind-spots, weaknesses, and habitual can learn a lot more about me on my website.


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