Drew Kunz

Suquamish, WA
United States

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To me, the heart of yoga is relationship; the relationship between the body and breath, between thoughts and emotion, and all the rhythms that form our lives. Yoga invites us to explore these connections. It gives us an opportunity to practice presence and celebrate life. We unfold. We dance. We inspire. We play. I took my first yoga class in the early 90s with Linda Ryan; her warehouse studio in the 3rd Ward of Milwaukee became a second home to me. Her classes, always a sweet blend of movement and stillness, empowered me to live life with more fluidity and grace. Years later, and after a move to the Pacific Northwest, I found myself at the Samarya Center in Seattle. Again I felt at home with the community that had grown around the teachers and everyone that gathered to practice. It’s there that I eventually received my 200 hour certification. I’ve studied (and continue to study) different styles and love to weave multiple traditions together. I invite people to find a connection to yoga that best serves their body and spirit.


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