DrGrace Gniazdowska

Venice, FL
United States

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I am a Dr. of Psychology but I practice "mindful" drug free psychology. I have a good knowledge of the human body but am still learning as much as possible, so that I may help the people who come to me to the best of my ability. Mind Body Heart and Soul Healing the Whole Person is my motto. I am very spiritual and never judge. There is nothing you will tell me that will make me think badly of you, or shame you in any way. I work especially with women, victims of domestic abuse, violent act and victims of rape, I also studied natural medicine and am now learning various massage techniques to assist in many ailments. I help with chakra clearing and create a peaceful, soothing ambiance, with proper lighting, scents (essential oils) and soft music. I love yoga and have been practicing it for 3 years. I relocated from CT and am currently not conducting any classes. Once we find a house and make it a home we love, I will update my profile as to the location and new class schedule. I joined this site to connect with other yoga lovers.


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