Eb Ferdig

Portland, OR
United States

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loves to work with people who are very new to yoga and/or are exploring the use of yoga philosophy in their everyday lives. She believes that yoga can and should be accessible to all people. She has a talent for being real and sharing her own journey in that way puts others at ease. Her teacher, Molly Lannon Kenny has been a great example in this way of being transparent, to dislodge the power dynamic sometimes inherent to a student-teacher relationship.

is an Integrated Movement Therapy practitioner, working with clients across a broad range of challenges, including ADHD, anxiety/depression, chronic pain, cancer and eating disorders. She is also a trainer of the IMT yoga therapy modality.

After much globetrotting, has found her true home & community in Portland with her husband and two beautiful children. She is ever-grateful for this and for her yoga community. Contact her at


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