Eddie Teboul

New York, NY
United States
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The first yoga class I attended was in 1998. It was at a gym in Chelsea Nyc.
I was really new to it and had no idea what it was going to be. Surprisingly when I sat in the quiet room filled with students in the middle of a busy gym, the teacher 3 times and the students said it at the same time as if common knowledge. The feeling of unity and the sensation the we were all connected on a deeper level made me feel that this was a place I wanted to visit as often as possible. Later the yoga practice was really challenging for me, although if today, I would find it too easy. I began to search for all the teachers in my area until I met David Life and Sharon Gannon. I studied much more than just postures and challenging sequences of movements linked with breath and focus with them.
After years of daily practice and the adherence of a vegetarian diet, I decided to become a teacher, studying to be certified 800 hours of their incredibly transformative training. It's been fantastic to actually become a JIVAMUKTI Yoga teacher myself, right at the place where it all started on my spiritual path.
Now, although still in unity with my teachers, I teach at other places the same or at least inspired and personalized Jivamukti yoga through my own experience.
You can find me at PURE YOGA NYC and THE YOGA ROOM in Queens NY.
I also teach directly in private to many people who prefer the one on one experience of learning yoga.
The beauty of Jivamukti Yoga is that we were also trained in the art of giving hands on assists to the practitioners.
Shri K Patthabi Jois, who was the leader of the Ashtanga system of yoga, said that without touch, progress was very very slow.
When we touch a student with knowledge of the architecture of a posture but also the intention that leads to the heart, we conduct what leads both the teacher and the student to enlightenment.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

2 Reviews

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