Efi Chatzigeorgaki

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a therapy system of yoga that combines the best advantages of all styles of yoga with the angel healing! A new system that you can find salutation to every archangel of the 7th rays and even more that hels your body and soul.


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Really Angelic!!!

Very inspiring and really caring in helping the soul too.

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Efi's classes

I was very skeptical about yoga, as I was always more interested in running and high impact exercise. Efi's approach was an eye opener! Her yoga classes make a difference to your body, but most importantly to your overall well being! I never thought I would be looking forward to my weekly yoga class!

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one of the most amazing persons i've ever met!

Efi is definetely one of the most gifted persons i have ever met!Her positive energy, kindness and warmness make you wanna take her classes again and again. She's an awesome instructor that incorporates each students learning style into each class making it fun for everyone! What i find most amazing in her is the way she manages to keep the perfect balance between spirituality, practice and relaxation. I love yoga thanks to Efi!!

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5 Stars for Efi!

Efi does her work with dedication and an open heart! She is a very kind and lovable person! I love her work!

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She is the best angelic reiki therapist!She loves angels and angels love her!!She is definitely a person who changed my life..i love her very much!

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I feel blessed that god sent a person like her on my way. She s amazing, she s honest and she helps me understand everything. She gave me me a whole different point of view about life and i feel much happier since i met her. Highly recommended!! Good luck efi with everything!