Eika I Cain

Hilo, HI
United States
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Eika was influenced deeply by her grandmother who studied and sought spiritualism continuously, and this spiritual quest lasted throughout her life. Eika says, “I learned so much from my grandmother since I was a child and it continued throughout my life."

In 1996, she found the teachings of Paramahansa Yoganada, and became his disciple through their traditional initiation. Over the next 12 years she became a Reiki Master and continued to delve into the teachings of Vipassana (insight) meditation and Kriya Yoga. Her spiritual endeavor continued with her study of quantum physics before her life took a new turn, when she met Max Christensen, who introduced her to the esoteric practice of Taoism. From this practice, she began to expand her energy, and this not only changed her everyday life, but deepened her spiritual foundations at every level.

Besides her over 20 year career in the healing field, she maintains meditation work, shamanism work, and teaches the Taoist practice called Kunlun Nei Gung in Hilo and Japan twice a year.

In 2013, Eika received a certification for 200 hours in Vinyasa, and started teaching from March 2014. She is the co-owner of Dharma Candy Yoga Studio and Awakening Healing Center Inc in Hilo. She feels yoga is the door to reconnect herself to her higher self. Her class focuses on basic asanas with flow, integrated and empowered with mantra chanting.

Eika states, "Attitude of gratitude is the highest yoga, as said by Yogi Bhajan. I strive to maintain this simple truth in my practice, and my teaching."


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

1 Review

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