Eireann Leigh

Carrboro, NC
United States

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Eireann loves to serve & offer a supportive, positive and playful class for all participants along their unique journeys, and seeks to ensure a very relaxed atmosphere for maximum comfort for all in their practice.

Bringing with her an enthused creativity in everything she a Teacher of the Arts, of Yoga, and even of Middle School Test-Prep, Eireann strives to continually bring her students a fresh approach to the learning process along the path!

With interests in the (thankfully!) widening spectrum of the healing arts, To include: Occupational Therapy in Play Therapy via Creative Expression, Improv-Movement, Acupressure & Meridian-Yoga, Music and Sound Therapies, (& her new-found love for chanting!) in addition to her continued studies & interest in Chinese Medicine, Reiki Healing Energy, Family Constellation, Crystal Energy Healing and other modalities, Eireann offers a unique and broadened perspective for our ever-evolving personal practice of Yoga.

She began practicing & studying yoga in 1997. For the last eight years she has devoted much time and investment in cultivating a great strength in her practice. Additionally an expansion is supplemented through participation and attendance of an array of workshops & classes offering various perspectives. In 2007-2008 she began her Teacher Training with Ti Harmony of NC. Today, Eireann continues the unfoldment of a unique bloom, refining in practice what it means to honor oneself, in context of highest good.

'''Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.'''

Although a fresh and fairly new instructor of yoga,
Eireann possesses already the gracious experience of teaching a wide range of populations, from different walks of life. Including:
yoga for children,
tweens, and teens,
gentle yoga,
office/chair yoga,
partner yoga,
recovering-perfectionist yoga ;),
those with stress-triggered challenges, those confronting fibromyalgia,
chronic myofascial pain,
multiple sclerosis,
and other work. . .

Her classes do not subscribe to any single categorized-regiment of style, yet rather bring the intent of Presence, holding a space for Body-Benevolence by way of loving acceptance, while focus is placed on growing the connection of & uplifting the body, mind, spirit ~ acknowledging these vehicles, tools or temples, as indeed interdependent!

And amidst the variety of approaches, it may be no surprise that Eireann is passionately influenced by Acu-yoga & Meridian-Yoga, incorperating the meridian system into specific yoga sequences of movements & held poses which activate & help to especially move energy throughout specific organ systems in the body. These results play a large role in practice, at present. :)

Earning a from Western Carolina, University, Eireann's experience from an Art studio focus in Painting & Drawing allowed for the opportunity of much artistic expression and relishment. As well, it enabled much retuning within the nuances of her symbolic language unique to her personal narrative in her work.

It was during that evolving time, that she noticed the artistic process was indeed in and of itself, art therapy, another form of healing! All art making may not necessarily be such, however, with the simple acknowledgement of this potential of actual liberation through the empowering, active practice of creative expression, (whether visually, musically, cognitively, literally, and whether emotionally, intellectually, spiritually or otherwise,) we may enter a door to a full world of what is; a beautiful holistic wholeness & balance in completeness of everything in our Lives.

"Dare to be steadfast in all that you do. And for your highest good, allow the universal creative impulse to flow through you. For every word, gesture, & step of your way."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~