Eithne O'Hanlon

Dundalk Co Louth

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Tea addict, fantasy addict, armbalance nut, love me backbends, crystal vibrations are the thing in Nidra!

No really! Put a crystal on your forehead and do a Nidra! Its beyond awesome!

Ok, the actual stuff you want to hear!

I've been practicing yoga for over 8 years, teaching for 18months. I went to Meghan Curries YTT to bring something different back, to explore in a more spiritual way the yoga practice.

I'm also a qualified geologist so I am a earth baby! We came from her and we will return! I use crystals in my classes, in meditation and yin to help clear emotional and physical blockages.

I primarily teach Vinyasa Yoga, but I like my students and client to feel it all. So I may not be as fast as Asthanga Vinyasa for instance, I'm more concerned that alignment is correct, that they can explore all the juicy feelings and emotions the practice arises. Being slower allows this. Then giving a safe space to clear and settle. I also teach yin/restorative and chair for those that need more support.

I incorporate crystals into my classes, I find that in savasanna putting a crystal on the solar plexus or forehead will help people settle and drop in. Our lives are so busy it can take time to calm the mind and I've found that a simple small quartz shard will let people relax and be open.

Currently teaching in Dundalk Yoga Collective, Dundalk but looking for more teaching opportunities and substitute. Will travel to Belfast and N Dublin.


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