Eknath Erwin Vann

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I'm a musician. I have been playing the saxophone for over 40 years, and taught and performed music professionally for more than 30 years.

I've been teaching yoga full time since 2008, offering Sampoorna Hatha Yoga classes in the lineage of Swami Sivananda, as well as Yin Yoga classes, yoga-related workshops, guided meditation sessions, mantra chanting & kirtan, personal sound massages with Tibetan singing bowls, group sound baths, and yoga retreats.

I'm a student of yoga master Shri Yogi Hari and have been for about 13 years now. Furthermore, I studied Yin Yoga and functional anatomy with Paul and Suzee Grilley.

I'm based in Belgium, where I co-founded the Sampoorna Yoga Studio in Brussels in 2010, which I co-directed for 7 years.

I love to spend time in nature, breath clean fresh air, listen to bird songs and the sound of mountain rivers.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

8 Reviews

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excellent teacher

I'm practising yoga with Eknath for a few years now, and I enjoy the lessons: quiet, peaceful, ressourceful, different asanas and difficulty levels proposed, while respecting the limits and the body of everyone. It's always with a smile, he adjusts the postures when needed.

Eknath Erwin VannJanuary 2, 2019

oh, thank you Fanni :-) much appreciated. I'm taking the opportunity to wish you a wonderful new year. See you in class!

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you should try it.

Eknath is an excellent teacher who makes you feel really at ease with the way he teaches. He also makes you feel like you can achieve the most difficult posture. Very encouraging and a generally nice guy overall! Worth a session or more..

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Excellent teacher!

I enjoy taking Eknath's yoga classes. He is very experienced and teaches from the heart. He is very charismatic and communicates a sense of peace, while his classes can be also quite challenging physically. Great flow and knowledge of anatomy.

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Excellent teacher :)

Eknath is an excellent teacher and guide. He is a master in postures and able to take care of the needs for all the different students in his class. The vibrations are always good during the practicing hours with him. The open minded attitude is stimulating and vivifying for creative minds.

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Great Teacher

I really enjoy practising with Eknath, he's very good communicator and very attentive to everyone's need in the class. I learn something new every time I practise with him. I really recommend his classes both yin and yang.

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Sincere Seeker

I used to take classes at the Sampoorna studio in Brussels which is one of my favorite place to practice yoga in Brussels. It is a great mix of traditional & modern day yoga. Eknath is a great teacher, very sincere in his practice which is precious & not so common to find. I like him encouraging people to experiment asanas & allow freedom inside & outside the class. Great yoga teacher for artist :)

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Eknath è un insegnante di yoga eccellente.
La sua sensibilità artistica combinata con la conoscenza e l’esperienza della pratica yoga ha fatto sì che potessi esprimermi al meglio secondo le mie capacità e lo stato d’animo del momento, secondo il mio ‘ritmo’ e migliorandomi sempre.
Per me questo è un valore aggiunto molto importante, imprescindibile dalla pratica fisica.
Ho persino provato la Shirsasana!! Grazie :-)))

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Wonderful, experienced teacher

Erwin is a great teacher. He explains the postures very well, and demonstrates when required. The fact that he's a musician is nice as the Om's are wonderful !
He's very knowledgeable about anatomy and that's very helpful with adjustments. He was one of my first teachers in Brussels and I love taking his yin yoga classes !