Elaine Kelly

United Arab Emirates
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I have been in Dubai since 1994 and teaching yoga since 2010. I offer private classes, yoga holidays and organise free yoga events to raise funds for Children's charities around the world.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

8 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Great yoga teacher

I have the chance to participate in Elaine's classes one dubai and she is a great teacher. I do believe that practicing yoga starts with bonding with your teacher, and Elaine has such a great energy that I always have a great time at her classes. She is definitely experienced and correct us when needed. I am grateful to Elaine for sharing her knowledge of yoga and everything related to it.

Elaine KellyMarch 28, 2017

Thank you fo ryour kind words Oriane. Looking forward to more classes when the rain finally stops.

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one of the best

I recently attended a yoga and detox retreat with Elaine. Not only was it well organised in a beautiful setting but the yoga teaching was one of the best I've experienced - Elaine essentially shared her practise over a week so that we had something very tangible to take away (I've been following it at home for over a week). She is very organised, very thorough and her teaching is inspirational. I've seen Elaine develop from a rookie yoga teacher into someone whose strong self belief, humanity and generosity informs and shapes her teaching style. Highly recommended.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
The best experience ever

I have been trained one on one (private sessions) by Elaine for 6 months now. She has really created a tailored program for me and constantly introduces new things (both physical and spiritual) based on our sessions together. She's an innovative and very hands-on instructor, and I have benefitted immensely from working with her.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Excellent Sequencing of Sessions

I love Elaine's classes because she is always really well prepared and her classes are fun with excellent asanas which flow so well from one to another. From my experience, Elaine takes a lot of care over the yoga sequence in any class.and often has inventive and beautiful transition poses. One of my favourite teachers....

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Elaine: motivation, inspiration and example

I have known Elaine for 10 years as a physical trainer and yoga teacher. She is a dynamic teacher who brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to her students. I have had private and group classes with Elaine. Her strong understanding of the body and individualized corrections and suggestions have improved my practice in all aspects: body awareness, form, strength and positivity. Elaine’s approach is very holistic. I continue to be inspired by her example and total commitment to her own health and wellbeing. She continually motivates me to achieve my full potential. Elaine is highly recommended as a yoga teacher and mentor for those wanting to regain their health and wellness.

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Amazing Life Changing Experience

Working with Elaine was life changing, when I started my posture was not straight and I had extremely weak arms. Elaine gave me exercises and tips to straighten my back, increase upper body strength, as well as help me master some of the poses I couldn't do in group lessons. She is friendly, supportive and at the same time challenges you. I love waking up the next day, feeling as though I have worked out and this happens every time with Elaine. Highly recommend you book a session to experience for yourself.

Elaine KellyMay 25, 2016
Thank you

I loved our sessions by the lake together in the early mornings. So grateful for your kind and encouraging feedback.

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Yogi Master!

As a Yoga beginner, I had no confidence at all in my abilities - even after only a few sessions, the results were magnificent. Elaine consistently challenges me and its quite amazing looking back to see what I can accomplish now!

Elaine KellyMay 8, 2016
Thank you Anwar

I love our sessions together. You focus completely and the results are incredible. I can hardly believe how much you have improved in just 10 sessions together.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

Elaine is a very talented and inspiring yoga teacher. Very professional, and attentive to the students, she is eager to share her deep yoga knowledge.Moreover, she delivers an advanced vinyasa flow yoga class with a well balance intensity.

Elaine KellyNovember 16, 2014
Merci bient

Thank you so much Virginie for your kind words and feedback on my Monday morning class. You are improving your strength every day and I loved your feedback and positive energy. See you tomorrow j'espere.