Elaine O'Rourke

Gloucester, MA
United States

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Elaine O’Rourke, 500hr teacher, sound healer & recording artist is continually inspired by the transformations that occur through yoga and music. This shines through in her optimistic, up-beat, but calming personality. Her compassionate and joyful teaching style encourages you to be fully present in all aspects of life. She recognizes that the beauty and the challenges of life are there to help us grow, how obstacles can be looked at as opportunities. After a life-threatening battle with Crohn's Disease she is grateful for each moment of good health.

By her commitment to learning and delving deeper into the yogic teachings, she constantly brings a fresh approach to her classes along with a good sense of humor. Her SOUND HEALINGS are extremely popular. She leads being on exquisite journeys in sound using crystal and metal singing bowls, gongs, percussion and voicing through mantras.

Originally from Ireland she is now a Gloucester MA resident. With a great love of the ocean she enjoys lots of beach time during the summer months and its her favorite place to teach classes.

Being an adventurous spirit, Elaine loves new experiences, places, cultures. Stepping into the unknown is thrilling and exciting to her as she finds it the best way to stay open to what life has to offer!

She also teaches yoga online to people with ostomies, crohns, colitis, any spectrum of IBD. Contact her directly for more information.


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