Elaine Seidel

Cape Town
South Africa
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My relationship with Yoga started in 2000. It is one of my deepest passions, as it is my link to my Interior and Exterior world, my CONNECTION to my Breath & Prana and importantly to my Spirit.
My Journey led me complete 4 Yoga Teacher Trainings: Vinyasa: Power yoga; Forrest Yoga and 500hr Synergy Yoga.
In addition, 10 years as an Iyengar student, which set a perfect foundation to Teach.
I teach at various Yoga studios in Cape Town: offer private sessions and run Workshops & Retreats locally & abroad.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

8 Reviews

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The seed has been planted

In the past I have tried yoga often & with a variety of comptent teachers, but I've never been able to connect with, understand or enjoy the practice of yoga UNTIL I started going to Elaine. After a single one-on-one session I suddenly understood why people loved yoga. Elaine's warmth put me at ease immediately & I never felt inadequate or uncomfortable about the things I could not do. In fact she always makes me feel incredibly safe & nurtured.


She has a remarkable understanding of me & my body & she adjusts or aids me where necessary. She explains as we go along so that I always understand what the yoga terms mean & why I am doing them - but she never inundates me with information - she provides just enough. Elaine is most certainly the best teacher I have ever encountered. Her knowledge, guidance & skill are phenomenal. My sessions with her have certainly fostered my love for yoga. I feel very, very grateful to have found her.

Elaine SeidelMay 27, 2017

Thank you Tam. It is an Absolute Joy teaching you.

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Good day. I recently attended one of Elaines Vinyasa Flow and I would like to thank het for a absolutely fantastic class this evening She is phenominal teacher and her experience is made manifest with every little adjustment/tip/advice that she gives in class, which is why i follow her instructions and advive in and out of class class without hesitation. Elaine's classes are truly a joy to attend and every time I meet her on the mat, I fall more inlove with the practice of yoga. I look forward to many more encounters on the mat with Elaine.

Elaine SeidelMay 21, 2017

Thank you Walleed. It is a Joy to watch you Blossom in your yoga practice and an honor to be part of your Journey.

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Super Teacher

I recently did Elaine's workshop at YogaZone and also attended her weekend retreat at Maesteg. What a fantastic experience! I can't wait for the next one. Currently on a yoga retreat in Florida and all I can say is that Elaine's retreat was far better - the teaching, the spiritual experience, the fun and friendships made, the food...just everything. No need to travel overseas guys!! Well done Elaine!

Elaine SeidelMarch 9, 2017

Thank you so much Darlene.

"Love what you do and do what you Love!"

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A talented and passionate teacher

I’ve been doing yoga for three months now and have had the privilege of attending one or two of Elaine’s candlelight yoga classes at Yogazone, as well as attending her amazing Yoga Fusion retreat at the gorgeous Maesteg estate just recently.


I find Elaine’s teaching style refreshing, passionate and innovative – the candlelight yoga, for instance, is such a special experience – and who’d have thought of offering something like that as a standard weekly class? My Soul feels so nurtured by the time we finish. Her recent yoga retreat was also incredibly special – very well thought out and delivered. I had an amazing time. There’s no doubt that Elaine is a very experienced and knowledgable teacher – and she shares this experience freely and passionately. Although ‘classically’ trained and clearly solid in her technique and instruction, I love the Fusion twist and themes she brings to her classes. This makes each class really special and different, even though we’re still doing yoga! :-)

It was hard deciding whether to move the slider to “Demonstrates More” or “Explains More” because Elaine does both - she explains, step by step what is required and why, and she also frequently demonstrates the moves. This makes it very easy for a beginner like me to keep up and know exactly what is expected. She also adjusts frequently, which is really important in helping one actually FEEL the position.

Thank you Elaine for such a beautiful, body- and soul-enriching weekend. And thank you for sharing your journey – I learned to have new appreciation and love for my body. Every time I feel annoyed about my body not quite doing what I want, or I see the scale jump up another kg, I stop and give thanks to my body, acknowledging the huge gift it gives me every day by getting me around with very little complaint or drama. :-)

I can highly recommend Elaine's classes. It seems she also runs workshops which, I'm sure, will be well worth attending. I'm hoping to do one of them this weekend .... :-)))

Elaine SeidelFebruary 25, 2017

Thank you Vanessa, I learn so much from Teaching itself and students like you. Nameste.

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An inspiration !

Thank you Elaine for your warmth,honesty, laughter,authenticity, gentleness and strength, your ability to soak from the heart and from your own experiences. Your wealth of experience is present in all that you do.
You have a true gift. Thank you. Love and light

Elaine SeidelFebruary 20, 2017

Thank you Nicole. It's was an Honour.

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Moving through water

Elegance, lightness, spontaneity and fun.
Elaine brings authenticity to the space.
The right balance to be guided through a practice without disconnecting with ones soul and presence, the perfect balance of feeling support and personal discovery at the same time.

Different Yoga backgrounds and lot´s of experience that converge in sequences full of awareness and love.
Always accepting feedbacks and new perspectives.
Definitely such a gift to practice, share and work with you.

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I really enjoy practicing with Elaine - both in her Cape Town classes and on her recent retreat. I had quite a long gap in my yoga practice due to back issues, and Elaine is the first teacher I've found in a long time that has really helped me manage the pain and remember why I loved yoga in the first place! She is very hands on, I find the adjustments she makes throughout a class really helpful.

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I have been doing yoga with Elaine for about 10 years and as her teaching has developed, so she has taken me along with her. Her teaching has a broad source of reference as she has been influenced by Iyengar, Forrest, Shiva Rea and Synergy to name a few.


What I love about her classes is the deeply researched and profound insight she brings to even the most basic poses, so that one can revisit and really understand them, to new combinations of flow and lots of fun in just trying out a new rhythm or interpretation, claiming the poses and figuring out what works for each individual. Her classes also allow beginners and more advanced practitioners to grow within their personal framework due to her intuition and empathy and her deep knowledge of yoga allows for understanding of the anatomy of poses. Each class brings new insight and her adjustments are spot-on and delicious! Do yourself a favour and go to one of her classes!