Elena Alvarez

Piloña Asturias

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Elena is beeing practising yoga for more than ten years. She is the director of Yoga Studio Gijon where teachs Hatha and Asthanga yoga. She cames from a modern dancer background .

She completed the Yoga Instructor Training Course in Yoga Center in Madrid, certified by Sananda,Association of Yoga Teachers (APYS) and by the European Federation of Yoga Teachers where Elena deepened her knowledge about the technique, the tradition and the anatomy applied in yoga, as well as about Hatha Yoga pedagogy.

She keeps her practice daily and teach in several seminars and keeps always learning with teachers authorised by the Asthanga Yoga Research Institute
in Mysore, India.
In February 2013 she did an intensive course of Vinyasa Yoga with Liz Lark in Yoga Center Madrid. In May 2014 a week seminar with Peter Sanson, who spend 25 years studing with Gurugi Pathabi Jois and in January 2015 a threee days intensive with Tarik and Lea Petroli.

In constant search for personal and professional growth, as part of an
ongoing education, I started a Masters in Personal and Executive Coaching,
in the European School of Leaders, finishing in June 2014.


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