Eleni Toli

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Eleni was born in Athens a month and a half premature and weighed 2 kilograms. She took her first breath a little bit later than the normal. Through yoga she found her breath again.

In her early adulthood, after a car accident, she was diagnosed with cervical disk herniations. She learned to live with them until pain became unbearable. At that time, in the United Kingdom, she tried yoga for the first time and realized that the body itself can heal pain through exercise, individualized practice and the right alignment.

Eleni is a modern day yogini. She graduated from the Faculty of Political Science in 2003 and continued her studies in Brunel, in London where she completed her Msc in Management (2004-2005). In 2013, she completed a 200h Yoga Teacher Training at NYSY Studios with Vivi Letsou (Anusara Yoga). Since then, she has attended seminars about various Yoga Schools such as Yoga Swings (Aerial Yoga), Yoga Kids (Rainbow Kids Yoga), Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga(Eddie & Jocelyne Stern) and Bhakti.

Focused on her daily yoga practice, she lives on the island of Tinos with Giovani and their dog Riki. She always dreams of destinations and has an endless thirst for exploration.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

9 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

Eleni is the perfect yoga teacher she is sensitive, inspiring, authentic and motivating. She touches heart and soul, always stays in the moment and is very supportive during the exercises. I take this experience with me into my everyday life and hope to be able to enjoy yoga with Eleni again soon.

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Great Teacher

Eleni is a warm-hearted, caring person and an excellent teacher. She loves people, nature, Yoga and Tinos and her practice and lifestyle embrace these passions in an honest and visionary way, worth experiencing in her classes and retreats on the island.

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In love with Yoga

If you want to enjoy Yoga, Eleni's lessons are the ones you should attend.
She is passionate, caring, persistent and in love with Yoga so she will definitely inspire you during practice.

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simply perfect

Extra caring teacher, very passionate. She made me love yoga.

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Η γιόγκα είναι συνδυασμός άσκησης πνεύματος και σώματος που το νοιώσαμε ακόμα και η αρχάριοι πάρα πολύ γρήγορα με επιτυχία χάρις στην γνώση και τη δύναμη της Ελένης! Ζητώ συγγνώμη διότι στη προηγούμενη πάτησα από ταχύτητα ένα αστέρι, όμως από τα συμφραζόμενα είναι κατανοητό ότι της βάζω πέντε και πλέον αστέρια!

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Πριν την Ελένη δεν γνώριζα τίποτα σχετικά με την yoga. Πριν την yoga δεν ήξερα τίποτα σχετικά με την Ελένη. Τώρα τις αγαπω και τις δυο και αισθάνομαι τυχερή που τις έχω στην ζωή μου.

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Eleni is a passioned,spiritual and very talented yogi! She always ispires us to follow her yoga practice as much and as good as we can. She respects our body's ability and flexibility and never stops to encourage us to develop our spirit. Thank you Eleni!!!

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Made me love yoga

Join her classes to work out your body and nourish your soul.

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Thanks Eleni - Great Job!

The week on Tinos was thanks to your daily Yoga hours one of the best holidays my body ever experienced. Even now at home I hear your teaching voice while doing my morning routine. Best Yoga hours I had for a long time.