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Throughout time I have dealt with Reiki, Aura Reading, Sound Massages… but a fundamental step in my life and growth has been when I met Yoga – which has given me the tools to, finally, change in the body and navigate life’s waters, above all the hard ones.
At the same time, I have always been connected to Nature: this connection has brought me to explore beliefs and a spirituality based on the Earth and on the Divine Feminine - this has meant developping a relationship with my body, so I found Natural Movement, I started practising Menstrual Cycle Awareness and studying Sexuality.
It has also meant looking for akin souls and mostly for Sisters I can share the Path with and whom I can support and who can support me.
It has meant getting in touch once again with Natural Rhythms, Life Cycles, necessary Transitions, to comprehend and cultivate them.

Well, who I am today and what I share and offer are but the result of this Life Path so far – and as I am in never-ending evolution, so is what I offer.

At the moment I live and teach at the southern border between Tuscany and Umbria (Italy).
You can also find me online (blog, youtube, facebook, instagram).


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