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A few years ago I created my own approach to Yoga, which I called Cyclical Yoga (a feminine practice which follows Nature's rhythms) - the name is nothing unusual, but it brings together Yoga and my work on Cyclical Interconnection.

Each Cyclical Yoga class is inspired by the natural energies that are alive at the moment of the practice: the classes are base on the Cyclical Interconnection among the season, the lunar phase, the time of the day and the menstrual phase of each student.

In my classes, we mostly focus on the energetic and spiritual aspects of the practice: it doesn't mean that there's no movement involved, but that there's a different intention in the movement.
The practice can become an act of Bhakti, devotion, to the Shakti, the Goddess, within and without.

A few elements are part of each and every Cyclical Yoga class:
- the breath, to get to a space of presence and connection with ourselves
- movement, to fully enter the body, to let go of tension and find out strength, to restore hormonal balance, to go back to our animal nature
- relaxation and rest, to integrate the practice, to nourish body and mind, to pause the stress mechanism and restore wellbeing
- devotion, which may happen as mudras, chants or meditation, to restore connection with Spirit and the Goddess


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