Elia Yeager

San Marcos, TX
United States

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My goal is to offer a balance between restorative and power yoga sequences to my students. I want to dispel the myths about yoga being mostly a relaxation technique, and to show students that it's an empowering activity and mindset all in one. I began practicing Hatha yoga to improve my flexibility and soon found my mind and spirit were benefitting as well. I truly believe that whether you show up to a yoga class for exercise or you show up to improve your mindfulness and spirituality, the other unintended aspect will also get stirred, changed and improved thus completing a holistic union of body, mind and soul. I feel a deep connection to students new to yoga and a deep respect to established students who continue their practice amidst the chaos of our current stressful modern lives. I strive to simplify and cultivate a profound understanding of why and how the postures work in our bodies and mind. One of my biggest intentions is to maintain a challenging an exciting class for more seasoned students while offering simpler adaptations to beginner participants. I like to sprinkle my classes with mudras, visualizations, isometric exercises and breathing methods as part of a toolbox so that each student can accomplish their own practice goals. I hope to help my students carry on their own yoga lessons with them away from the yoga mat and present throughout their daily life. I believe yoga is for everybody. I encourage students to wear what feels comfortable, put intimidation aside so we can become stronger and more flexible simultaneously. It is always an honor to guide students through their yoga practice and throughout the years I do not take this honor for granted.

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