Elisa Dias (aka Raminderpreet Kaur)

Los Angeles, CA
United States



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I have been a Yoga therapist since 2000. In addition to my yoga training in the Iyengar style, I have earned a Master's Degree (USM, 2005) in Spiritual Psychology, after which I integrated Yoga and Psychology for a thoroughly holistic style of addressing both mental/emotional as well as physical issues. Most recently, I also completed Kundalini Yoga teacher training at Yoga West in Los Angeles, CA.

I am blessed to offer yoga therapy sessions, by appointment, at my studio in LA, Urban Yogini's Yoga Salon. I also offer a community Kundalini yoga class at Founder's church in Koreatown.

I recently completed a documentary in which I traveled the country interviewing physicians and researchers who speak of the latest findings related to the physiological (immunological and anti-inflammatory) and neurological effects that have been found as a result of the practice of Yoga and meditation.

I am happy to show my film wherever interest lies. I have been booking screenings at Yoga studios and community centers around Southern California with positive feedback.

Feel free to visit my website for my full BIO and see a trailer of my film.


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