Elisabeth R

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Hi I am Elisabeth and part of my path is to share with you what I have gathered on my yoga journey so far, with the intention of lighten up our life.
Ely began to trail her path with study of artistic acrobatic gymnastics, this practice developed her body and spatial awareness, later in life her knowledge of body, mind and soul was deepen with the addition of classical arts such as reiki, shiatsu and thay yoga massage.
Over the last five years ely have dedicated herself on becoming a yoga instructor, combining her earlier experiences with a deep ancient calling, for the desire of helping people finding better ways to support a healthy and sustainable living using yoga.

She leads her groups with a loving caring touch, the goal is to provide a comfortable atmosphere making everyone at ease, so that we all can grow more confident and reach our personal goals in practice, this will help, building a strong foundation to create a stronger bonding in the group.

People of all ages and sizes are welcome to infuse their yoga practice using aromatherapy, focus their mind through the rhythmical guide of world music and just explore new ways to yoga on the urban areas of Toronto.


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