Elizabeth Ferrara

Lexington, SC
United States

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Elizabeth has been a lifelong student of various forms of Energetic Healing Arts. Elizabeth’s work involves deep listening, attunement, witnessing and healing of life force and the human energy field using the deep intention and wisdom of various ancient and contemporary healing practices, among them Polarity Therapy, Yoga, Craniosacral Therapy, Native American Medicine Wheel & The Four Directions, Meditation, Rapport & Conscious Communication, Tarot & Qabalah, Reflexology, and Cleansing. Now all of these are being offered for private and group session work and in classes in the greater Columbia, SC area.

Our lives are in movement. We expand out to experience the world and to express ourselves. We contract back into ourselves to integrate our experience. This work is about bringing Self-awareness to this process of expansion and contraction.

​All of the works provided (via private, group or corporate session work or through the various educational offerings) are considered Energetic Healing Arts, intended to help the client/student to walk with greater clarity, ease and sense of Self.


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