Elizabeth Gottwald

Richmond, VA
United States

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A Pisces. A nomad. A photographer. A yogi.

Hooping and healing visionary energy explorer.

Student of life. Searcher of truth. Seeker of light.

Trying to spread love one country, photo, hug and sun salutation at a time.

I am new on this journey, this path - an amateur of the awakened life.

'Saturn Returns' shook me up with a major breakdown shortly after my 29th birthday and still I was hesitant to surrender to the hand I was being dealt. But it was exactly what I needed to usher me into living consciously, waking up and reevaluating my priorities in life.

In 2014, I completed a 500HR Vinyasa Teacher Training course in Bali, which set me on the path of spiritual awakening, self discovery and personal growth.

I'm an observer. Easygoing. Relaxed. With a side of The love of my life is a Jack Russell Terrier named Toby. I'm left-handed, a Pisces, and a vegetarian. I live out of a backpack and am addicted to listening to languages I don't speak. I turn strangers into friends and fall in love with (and in) every country I visit.

In my geographically adventurous journey, I've lived in the Australian outback, biked the world's most dangerous road in Bolivia, bungy jumped in New Zealand, sky dived over the wineries of Argentina, taken a sunrise hot air balloon ride over Jaipur, bathed with elephants in Thailand, hiked Machu Picchu, cuddled a panda in China and spent 40 hours on the world's worst passageway to get to Antarctica.

In my spiritually adventurous journey, I've been guided through a past life regression to discover what lives existed before this one, spoken with a heart whisperer from Togo, participated in a Shaman-led sweat lodge in Mexico, been paralyzed by spirits and later cleansed by holy water in Bali, had a lightning bolt rock my insides when I touched the Western Wall and went on a seven-hour out-of-body experience at Burning Man.

My favorite moment so far in this life has been conversing with the rising full moon as it sparkled over the ocean at sunset in a bay of rose quartz, receiving the answer from angels as I cried, wondering what in the world I've ever done to deserve being in that particular paradise.


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