Elizabeth Raffa

San Francisco, CA
United States

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Elizabeth began a dedicated yoga practice in 2009, seeking a non-medicinal method to alleviate health issues. As her practice became more regular, she found that symptoms she’d had for most of her life began to lessen in severity and frequency. Energized by renewed health, and inspired by the body’s capacity to heal naturally, Elizabeth became a teacher in 2013 to share the benefits of yoga. Her teaching style focuses on personal strength and body and mind appreciation – encouraging each student to be patient on their individual journey, and appreciative of whatever road they are currently traveling.

Elizabeth is also certified by the Veteran’s Yoga Project in Mindful Resilience yoga. This practice uses yoga, meditation and pranayama as a resource to help veterans and others who are facing post-traumatic stress and other trauma-related psychological difficulties navigate their personal path to inner stability and calm.

Elizabeth is available for one-on-one sessions in your home.


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