Elizabeth Strand

Prineville, OR
United States

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Namaste to your center and staff,
My Name is Liz Strand. I am an RYT 200. I went to a long retreat at the Yogaville ashram 3 years ago, just prior to starting my Master's studies in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. During that time, the stress of studies, a high gpa, and a rotator cuff reconstruction has left me feeling "BLAH" and uninspired. I am struggling with body pain issues, mental health issues of depression that is severe and I need help. I could check myself into a western medicine retreat to give myself a time out but it is not in following with my spirituality and I doubt it would help. I would like to move toward my 500 RYT through at least a month long residency, combined with Karmic yoga to pay my way as I have not found a job yet. I am still struggling with the licensing board for my profession and with a marriage in which I am not sure where it is going. I need to take care of myself desperately, as I have many internal issues to work through that I can't do with these people around me all the time. Does your facility have a position in which I can come in, work for my keep and pursue the 500 RYT to enhance my counseling career? I will have online studies to do at the same time, but I love those and benefit from greater understanding of ecowellness and relational-cultural theories at the same time. My goal once I am finished with my is to offer therapy and yoga, plus the advantage of a natural surrounding for my clients. I am in Central Oregon, so Colorado sounds like it would help me advance in my ecowellness studies; I believe human beings are simply part of our natural world and I want to be part of nature, respecting cultural differences and similarities. Yes, I am broke and can not pay but I can work. Is there a place in your ashram for a person like me?


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