Elke Avis

Sydney NSW

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Elke has been studying and practicing in the yoga tradition under the close guidance of her teacher for 15 years, and has been teaching yoga since 2008.

She is an enthusiastic and passionate yoga teacher with much knowledge and personal experience from the yoga path to offer everyone of all ages and levels of practice. Her classes offer the teachings of traditional Hatha Yoga with a focus on giving the student a deeper, integrated understanding of the theory/philosophy that informs the physical practice.

Going through her own journey and struggles from girlhood to a womanhood, with the invaluable tools of yoga at hand to guide her along the way, Elke has realised one of her greatest passions is teaching the methods of yoga to girls for their own wellbeing and self-empowerment. This lead her to establish Free Girls Yoga in 2014, a Non Profit Organisation that offers yoga and health education to teen girls and young women in high schools and communities across Australia.


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