Ella Luckett

Brooklyn, NY
United States

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Ella Luckett, (E-RYT) has been teaching for 14 years and is is certified in Ashtanga (2001), and Jiva Mukti (2003), and is currently working on her third certification with Shiva Rae in Prana Yoga. She has over 800 hours of Teacher Training and offers public classes as well as leads a YA certified teacher training at her studio: Jai Yoga Arts.
Ella’s classes are a a fluid blend of all of her training, with an emphasis on the linking of breath with movement, while focusing the mind on enlightenment. She holds a meditative quality to each class enabling students to calm their nervous system and access the deeper layers of their energetic body.
"In 10 years of helping people along their own yoga journey, I have myself learned every step of the way. From witnessing thousands of different personalities and bodies arrive on the mat, I have come to know many commonalities among our challenges and strengths. Still these universal truths brighten each individual soul in a unique way. It has been my honor to serve people in the process of reaching their highest potential both on and off the mat."


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