Ella MacDonald

Memphis, TN
United States

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Ella was born and educated in the United States.
She has been a yoga and meditation practitioner since she was in college. Her interest for yoga as a teacher started seriously when she lived in Cape Town, South Africa.

She has studied and trained in several types of yoga, Kundalini, Asthanga and Yin Yoga being among them. Out of her personal experience and observing students Ella had co-created a yoga for natural stresss control-StressAce Yoga.

Based on neuroscience, early developmental psychology and sensory integration, StressAce Yoga not only releases stress but builds resilience against future stress.

Ella is now educating and training certified yoga teachers in StressAce Yoga. This is a 50 hour program.
In her classes you will learn balance, how to reduce stress, increase vitality and many healthy attitudes.


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