Ella Tighe

United Kingdom

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I began practicing yoga in 2012, at the beginning of my Contemporary Dance Degree. After years of pushing my body through Disco Freestyle Dancing, I was pleased to find a system of movement that could attend to the rigour and discipline that I had been used to in Disco Freestyle. Instantly being hooked on the physical side of Ashtanga Yoga, it soon became apparent that a Yoga practice wasn't just about what amazing shapes the body can fold and bend into - but SO much more - and this interested me!

I practiced the Ashtanga Primary Series consistently with Ervin Menyhart (now AtiYoga Coventry) during my time studying dance, before becoming an apprentice teacher trainee with Ervin. Assisting Ervin's Ashtanga Primary Led Series classes and Primary Modified Classes, over the course of 2.5 years. During this time I was fortunate enough to have regular practice and teaching workshops with Norman Sjoman, a student of BKS Iyengar and author of several yoga publications. Over the years I have taken workshops with many yoga teachers including Lino Miele, David Swenson, Kino Macgregor etc. 

Moving to London in 2015 to work in dance, my yoga world was expanded! So many styles/so many teachers! I now mainly practice Rocket and Dharma Yoga, and these are infused within my teaching of Dynamic Vinyasa Flow classes.

My aim is to allow students to find the detail and precision in the asana practice in relation to their own individual unique body. Classes are always an offering to something or someone beyond ourselves, making the practice selfless.

Unless otherwise specified, my classes are open to all levels! Modifications are always offered, and there are lots of choices that can be made within the practice.


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