Ellen Berman

Wimberley, TX
United States

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I love teaching beginners, at any level. There is nothing sweeter than being in the beginner's mind.
I hope that at the end of each yoga class my students feel stretched, refreshed and relaxed in their bodies and alert and focused in their minds. I hope that they find, each time, an opening in their hearts and a brightness and a clarity in how they see the world.
As a painter (), I have found that the two disciplines – yoga and painting – complement each other in that both ask you to be mindful, to look within yourself, and to move at your own pace rather than someone else's.
I have studied with Becky Jordan and Raye Lynn Rath in Sacred Art Teacher Training. I have also been privileged to study with John Friend, Seane Corn, and Desiree Rumbaugh.


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