Ellen Sebestyen

Manchester, CT
United States

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After 20 years in the corporate world, I decided to leave it behind to do something to help people at a grass roots level. Having practiced yoga for 13 years, I realized that for me, yoga offered the most immediate way to access people and teach them how to honor the body and mind. In 2014 I attended the Kripalu School of Yoga's Intensive Training Program and earned my yoga teaching certificate. Kripalu is located in Stockbridge, Mass. and their Intensive Yoga Teacher Training Program has an excellent reputation internationally
In my classes, we will stretch and tone muscles, calm restless thoughts and honor inner wisdom. We'll do this by cultivating breath awareness and moving into poses and holding them to increase strength and flexibility. The inside secret to my classes is that they're fun. Sometimes we even turn up the corners of out mouth and laugh!
I enjoy teaching all ages and abilities, which is why I tailor each session to each individual's needs. I teach beginners (welcome!), moderate, restorative and chair yoga.


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