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Healing vocalist.
Healing singing workshops, sound yoga, mantra chanting, guided relaxations.

Ely Goa conducts sound yoga workshops based on the singing of mantras, for which she has especially composed multi-voice melodies, based on the different notes and frequencies known to have a positive effect on our organs and our immune system. The composition of these melodies derives from the principles of traditional Chinese music therapy (musical acupuncture).

She has also developed a breathing method to open the energetic channels of singing, based on work on the seven chakras and on the six Taoist healing sounds, with the use of visualizations and sophrology.

She drives guided meditations based on the activation of the seven chakras.

Her goal is to bring people to discover the therapeutic aspects of singing as well as the ecstatic pleasure of singing in harmony.

Her workshops are open to everybody; there is no need to be a confirmed singer, the idea being to find in one’s own voice a tool for well-being and self-healing.

Vocalist, pianist, composer, co-founder of the French duo ELEA, Ely Goa is internationally recognized for her work, her mystical presence and ethereal voice.

After studying classical piano for 10 years, she went on to study different methods of breathing (relaxation, sophrology) and singing, from lyric techniques to modern Western singing.

Specialized in the composition of vocal scores for choirs and symphonic string arrangements, she has also explored both Oriental and Indian singing methods.

She also plays harp, using the magical sound of this instrument as a meditation tool.

Her workshops are the synthesis of the professional musical experience which has led her to discover and share the healing power of singing.

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